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Product Introduction

PS / PIU /
PFC / CRXseries

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We develop and manufacture four types of Planeveyor units with different basic concepts including Plane Slider for seismic isolation that reduces the shaking by insulating the ground and the building.

For Japan, an earthquake-prone country, the history of architecture was a fight against the earthquake.
Since the damage caused by the earthquake and the impact on society are enormous, there was a concept of "earthquake-proofing and vibration damping" as a method of protecting buildings from an early stage of architecture. Atec focuses on the method called "isolation", which has received attention in recent years and it is focusing on the development of "Planeveyor seismic isolation " that reduces the shaking by isolating the ground and the building. "PS · CRX series" Applications include many condominiums, office buildings and houses, and in recent years the use of the applications has increased in hospitals, government offices, schools, etc.
In addition, the "PIU · PFC series" aimed at seismic isolation equipment such as shelves, display boards and office equipment was also developed as a new product.


Not convey the shake to the building

PIU · PFC series Establish a seismic isolation layer between the building and the foundation. The shaking of the earthquake is hard to be transmitted directly to the building, the tremor itself becomes small and it prevents falls and damage of furniture etc.
In addition, the psychological burden is gentle because of gentle shake and the normal life is gained back relatively quickly.


Earthquake resistance

Resistance by building strength

Join firmly the rigid wall with a durable metal fitting etc. Earthquake shaking tends to be transmitted directly to the building, especially the upper floor tends to amplify the shake.
There is the possibility of damage due to furniture falls or window glass scattering.

Earthquake resistance

PS(Plane Slider) series

PS-80 PS-80

Drawing: PS-50

Drawing: PS-80

The seismically isolated Plane Slider is a system that supports heavy loads with multiple balls, and receives force by sliding movement against the roll of the building.
In isolation, when installing equipment such as balls and rubber at the bottom of the building, you can reduce the tremor of the building itself by insulating the ground and the building. Therefore, it is possible to comprehensively protect people, buildings, facilities, etc.
*With prevention cover for balls fall.
Please remove the cover when using.

Model Recommended Load Capacity CAD
PS-50 49kN (5tf) Download CAD
PS-80 78.4kN (8tf) Download CAD

PIU(Planeveyor Isolator Unit) series

Drawing: PIU-3

First stage

Secound stage

Furniture fixture for the purpose of seismic isolation normally the structure top shelves etc. are difficult to move when a short periodic small shake occurs, the lower part of the main unit synchronizes with the earthquake surface and the unit slides to absorb the shaking. When a long term large shaking occurs, the PIU unit slips itself and absorbs the earthquake shaking.

Model Recommended Load Capacity
PIU-3 2,940N (300kgf)

PFC(Plane Friction Control) series

Drawing: PFC-5

It is a unit that freely controls the frictional resistance value of Planeveyor and absorbs shaking by suppressing rolling.
Please use a hard material such as iron for the ball running surface.

Model Recommended Load Capacity
PFC-5 4,900N (500kgf)

CRX(Cross Roller Unit) series

Drawing: CRX

The cross roller unit escapes the vibration due to the earthquake by the rolling of the roller and also runs the cross rollers of the upper and lower two stages X axis and Y axis to restore the unit to its original position.

Model Recommended Load Capacity
CRX 39.2kN (4tf)