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Product Introduction


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About Free Guide Unit

Free Guide Unit is a special unit that automatically corrects the position error in the press-fitting process of parts.

It corresponds to a pressing force of up to 10 tons, eliminating centering problems in press-fitting processes of shafts, bearings, bushings etc. with hydraulic servo press and not only.

*FGU unit with integral load cell can also be manufactured to scan all the resuls, passed or failed.

About Free Guide Unit

Model FGU-D-2N FGU-S-2N
Top Plate Stroke X·Y ±2mm ±2mm
θ At the top plate center: ±6.4° At 2 mm stroke: ±4.8° -
Starting Resistance

X,Y direction

Less than 80N Less than 100N
(Applied weight at setting pressure.)
Repeat Accuracy X,Y direction ±0.05mm
Vertical Stroke Setting Pressure Weight*1 282N
Seating Pressure Weight*2 400N 480N
Pressurization Center of Gravity Range*3 Within Ø 30 mm from the center Within Ø 45 mm from the center
Press Fit Tool Load Capacity*4 10kg 5kg
Use Direction Upward·Downward Sideways
Temperature Range 0 - 60°C
Weight 1,450g 3,300g
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*1: The Load of the top plate begins to shrink in the vertical direction.

*2: The load of the top plate is seated on the main body.

*3: Center of gravity ranges during pressurization. Please use FGU so that the center of gravity of the pressurized material is within this range.

*4: Maximum value of the total weight of the press fitting tool and work pieces (excluding FGU body).

  • Depending on the magnetic force, it may not be suitable for the usage environment.
  • Please use the operating area of​ the top plate below the horizontal stroke and rotation angle value with caution. It may cause damage.
  • We recommend using this product without lubrication.
  • The unit described in the catalog is an example of products. In addition, we will propose available products according to your usage.