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Company name 株式会社エイテック  ATEC CO., LTD.
Establishment August 1999
Capital 30 million yen
Business contents Manufacture and ball transfer (Planeveyor) sale maintenance and power tools sale, manufacture and magnet ring · point flash sale
Number of employees 26
Official President Shinichiro Abo
Transaction Bank Aichi Bank, Chukyo Bank
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(As of August 2014)


1989 August Established Nissei Kikou Inc. (capital: 6 million yen), as Chubu District Service Center of Uryu Seisaku Co., Ltd. Start activities.
1990 July Change the organization to Eisin Kikou Co., Ltd. and increase the capital to 10 million yen.
1993 December Apply for a utility model of a steady-state socket and start production.
1999 August Established Atec Co., Ltd. (capital 10 million yen) independent from Eisin machinery accompanying business expansion.
Transfer manufacturing and sales division such as point flash · mag ring etc.
2000 August Convenient technical staff in the transportation industry. Start production and ball transfer Planeveyor and Compressed Air Actuated Planeveyor Lifter sale.
Capital increased to 20 million yen.
2001 May Developed the industry's first up and down dual use of Planeveyor (special spherical surface PAT.P). Compared with conventional type, improve durability and lowered the price.
August Development and sales start of dust discharge type Planeveyor which is compatible with inferior environments such as dust which is difficult to transfer balls.
2002 February Development and manufacture of seismic isolation device Plane Slider. Due to its high ability, it gets a high reputation from the industry.
March As a base for sales / service, Established the Kita Kanto Branch Office (Saitama Prefecture).
April Clean room compatible Planeveyor development and manufacture for positioning (centering unit) of glass substrates etc. (all resin type Planeveyor) has been started.
2004 April First exhibited at the 14th Fine Tech Japan which is FPD industry in the world's largest exhibition.
2005 March Development and sale of PVPR type (Main ball lock mechanism) (special spherical surface PAT.P) to the conventional all-resin type Planeveyor.
2006 January Atec Head office relocated from Obu-shi, Aichi Prefecture, to Kariya-shi with business expansion.
March The main centering unit was renewed and 30 models were announced.
September First exhibition at International Manufacturing Technology Exhibition IMTS 2006 (Chicago Show), which is the 3rd largest machine tool world show held every two years in Chicago, USA.
October First exhibition at i-SEDEX 2006 (International Semiconductor Display Exhibition) held in Seoul, South Korea.
2007 August As a base for sale / service, establish a Minami Kanto Branch office.
2008 August Our conveying air blowing system for glass substrates developed by our company is awarded the development grant recognized by the New Technology Development Foundation's advanced technology in 2008.
2009 April Simultaneously announce Plane Blow unit PBU series of clean room compatible centering unit PVXM series.
October Established a new factory alongside with an increases in orders for clean room compatible Planeveyor.
2010 January New Air Tools Division established. Capital increase to 30 million yen.
2012 March Started export sales by "" with overseas user's request.
June Started selling PVXW profile control centering unit for robot arm tip.
2013 July Cooperative development and sale of hydraulically actuated Planeveyor lifter by business alliance with Showa Seiki Co., Ltd.
2014 June Started selling press-fitting free guide unit FGU making full usage of our centering unit’s technological strength.